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In Harmony With Your Home, In Harmony With Your Life

 Established in 1883 in Germany, Blomberg® has more than 130 years of delivering quality and innovation in the appliance and metal industries. Blomberg focuses on intelligent solutions, advanced design techniques, and the highest quality materials to achieve cutting-edge performance found in larger footprint units but optimized for smaller living spaces.

Appliances that truly exemplify what can be achieved-


Blomberg offers an affordable European appliance experience with the history and warranty to back it up. With over 125 years in the appliance and metal industries, Blomberg is the third largest appliance manufacture in Europe.

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Practical Washing. Practical Drying.


Blomberg’s Compact Washer & Dryer’s are widely recognized for their superior features, long warranties, and quality designs.  Many companies add a compact option to their line as an after thought. Blomberg set out to purposely construct a compact pair that was designed with this size in mind. Their units do not forgo features or longevity  and have been created to set the standard higher in the appliance industry.

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Maximum Efficiency. Innovative Technology.


The name Blomberg doesn’t always spring to mind when you think about refrigerators, but that should change. The 130 year old German company produces one of the best refrigerators on the market. Offering extremely consistent temperature control, simple and clean designs, and an unparalleled service record.


Bloomberg is well known for their environmentally cooling appliances and superb energy efficiency. At the core of the brand is  a desire to deliver a earth friendly product both in materials, energy use, and longevity of use. If you like to have products in your home that are low impact, Blomberg is a line to consider.


Built with proprietary Blue Light Technology, that maintains the freshness and vitamins of your fruits and vegetables, your food will last longer in a Blomberg.

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Better Value. Reliable Operation.


One of the most important features of any dishwasher I think we can agree on is how quiet it is. Blomberg rises above the competition and delivers a better value than other leading brands. Every Blomberg has a stainless steel tub to guard against leaks and ensure super quiet operation.

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What Sets Blomberg Dishwashers Apart?

  • Auto Wash

    Using advance technology Blomberg ‘s sensor management system automatically monitors the soil level of your dishes and operates at the right temperature and length of time to deliver perfect washing results.

  • Stainless Steel Tank

    Blomberg dishwashers are manufactured with the best stainless steel materials available, which not only protect dishwashers from heat and corrosion, but also sanitizes your dishes to one of the highest temperatures available.

  • SmartFit Technology

    Blomberg has developed a height adjustment system that allows the rear feet to be adjusted from the front. This achieves the perfect fit.

  • 5 Level Wash

    The 5 level wash system immaculately cleans dishes. Multiple spray heads shoot water in every direction reaching even the most remote parts of your dishes.

  • Flow Through Heater

    The heater is concealed to provide a safer and more convenient alternative to the conventional exposed heater. This allows plastic dishware to be placed both racks without damage.

  • Three Way Filter

    The three way euro filtering system removes even the smallest dirt particles and allows full circulation of clean water.